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Updated: 22.01.19

Welcome to Danish Ultralight Flying Association!

In Denmark ultralight flying started in the early 80`es. Today there are about 240 ultralight aircraft organized by the Danish Ultralight Flying Association. Membership of both the association and a UL-club is compulsory to fly Ultralight. The association has approximately 600 members dispersed in 25 local UL-clubs.

In Denmark obtaining an Ultralight license requires the same theoretical education and examination of the pilot as a license for a sportsplane. After min. 15 hours practice with an instructor in a two-seater and min. 5 hours solo-flying, the pilot may be ready for the final test that leads to the UL-Certificate.

After the certificate has been obtained and after min. 25 hours of solo practice, the pilot can submit to an examination that qualifies the pilot to bring along one passenger.

Members are allowed to build, repair and maintain their aircraft. The Association has organized extensive certification and control routines for the aircraft to ensure the highest possible safety.
Due to this, accidents with fatal consequences are very seldom.

NOTE! If you are going to visit Denmark in your Ultralight aircraft, please notice: You are not allowed to enter Danish airspace without prior permission from DULFU. You are allowed to operate from sunrise to sunset from 500 ft. AGL up to 9,500 ft MSL. Flying between 3500`and 9500` requires a TSO-approved altimeter.

Link: Guide to apply for permission to fly in Denmark 

When flying in the Copenhagen FIR (København FIR), do not hesitate to contact Copenhagen Information (COIF) on 127.075MHz (East) or on 129.475MHz (West). COIF will give you any support needed for flying in Denmark.

Further information:

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Don`t hesitate to call our office for further questions and information:

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